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BannerEarn 10$, for every 1000 Clicks !!

Copy the code to insert the banner on your website or blog, or copy only the first link (including your numeric ID) of the code, to share it wherever you want.

1. Activate your ID

Your first step to activate your ID is to click on "Allow" in our push notifications, also from the bell at the bottom right. Our system stores your IP address, without making any registration, and automatically generates your ID.

2. How can I make money with SharexCa$h?

With SharexCa$h you can earn money by clearing your counter, getting clicks on your shares, or on your banner. Share this page on Facebook from the bottom button, or enter our banner code on your site or blog. Within the banner code, there is also your unique link that you can copy and share on other Socials, (This is the first link in the string).

You also agree to receive our push notifications, as they will help you to increase your earnings, and you can also participate in our prize contests, where you can win fantastic prizes!

3. Check your progress !!

From the box below, you can keep an eye on your progress, during the shares you make, and the clicks you receive, the counter will automatically change them. (Only one visit per IP will be counted within 24 hours).


As soon as the number of clicks requested is reached, a box will appear automatically which will allow you to proceed to collect the prize. It is strictly forbidden to use bots, buy clicks, or use any other fraudulent means to get to the target. Who will do the smart will not be paid, and will be immediately expelled from the site.

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